About Us

About Griddly Games

Griddly Games Inc. is commited to bringing innovative and engaging games to people
“across the grid”. We strive to deliver value and quality in our effort to help create
memorable times of laughter, friendship, and family. Our philosophy is to offer games
that encourage social interation, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone can enjoy.

Company History

Griddly Games Inc. was founded in 2007 by a mom from
Vancouver, BC, Canada. She took it upon herself to fill the
void for quality products that inspired laughter and fun,
while promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Game Testimonials

Wise Alec

“I love, absolutely love, the way the game scales for different ages. It’s especially cool
how it can accomodate two different levels of play/players at the same time!”

~ BoardGameGeek Reviewer

Griddly Headz Baseball Game

“This game scored a perfect 10 from all testers. ‘Fun and exciting,’ a sixth grader said.”

~ Margeret Webb Pressler, The Washington Post

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