Wise Alec™: Bright Ideas!


Ages 8+     2 – 4 players     educational, inventions, trivia, exercise
Inventions trivia with an innovative twist!

Hello Time Travelers! Explore the world’s cultures across time with the trivia game based on the award-winning Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game. There are 300 questions to test your knowledge of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern cultures. Two levels of questions on each card means that those with the smallest to brighest ideas can play together. Plus, Wise Alec™ cards will have you doing tongue twisters, brain teasers, and fun exercises!

The cards from this game can also be used to expand your own set of Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game.

1 multicolored die, 3 decks of trivia cards, 1 deck of Wise Alec™ cards

Download the Rules HERE.


Example questions:

For 3 points:

What was invented using gunpowder to make bright and beautiful displays during festivals?

For 7 points:

What popped up in 1919 that would forever change the face of breakfast?

Comment on this page your best guess for the answers. We would love to hear what you think!