Seth B. NY:

“I just love this game, I play with it all the time. The figurines are fun to play with too! It’s a lot of fun to try and get your opponent out by rolling the dice but especially from the sport challenge. When we play, we can’t stop laughing.”


Evan R., Winnipeg:

“ My friends and I played this and we haven’t had that much fun playing a board game in years.” My mom tells me to put down the controller all the time, this is the first game that it was worth doing it for!”


Karen W., Calif:

“ Finally a game that brings our whole family together. We play the family rules with the kids, but on games night we love to take the challenge with the advance rules!”

Terrance L., Baltimore:

“ This game is just great fun!”


Linda A., Boston:

“ We love the Boston Red Sox’s so to find a game that encourages my kids to get out and play has been great! The baseball and bat challenge in Griddly Headz Baseball is a real hoot ! Can’t wait to try out the football.”

Michael P., Chicago:

“My parent’s gave me Griddly Headz Nascar for Christmas. I have the family version. Would love to try the deluxe model, it looks really cool.”

Marni B., Toronto:

“As a teacher, we are always looking for something to bring excitement to learning for our students. On a rainy day, the kids could not go out, so I took out my deluxe Griddly Headz Baseball. The kids had to learn the rules, strategies, and understand the consequences of the game. Things we really like to teach. They also had to read what all the different cards had to say. The students were having so much fun; they couldn’t sit in their seats. There was so much noise that other teachers came down the hallway to see what was going on.”

Teddy H., Vancouver:

” I won the Griddly Headz Baseball Tournament! It was really great. I really had a fun time playing with my friends. I got to take a game home. Now every time my friends come over they ask me to play Griddly Headz!”