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  • Wise Alec Trivia Game

    Ages 8+   2-6 Players

    Wise AlecTM takes you back to everything you learned in grade school. Pick up a Wise AlecTM card you and your family will laugh the night away as you discover your hidden talents, tie your tongue in knots with tongue twisters, learn basic manners and many other hilarious surprises.

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  • Words of the Wise

    Ages 10+   1+ Players

    Do your ABC's like you've never done before! Turn your ABC's into a hilarious and challenging game. Pick up a category card from the
    deck and think fast to find the words to match--alphabetically!

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  • Oversight

    Ages 7+   2+ Players   Abstract strategy, Brain Game
    Exercise your mind and outwit your opponents with Oversight, the new fast paced 4 in a row abstract strategy game! The rules are simple but the game gets increasingly challenging as players learn from their mistakes and predict their opponents’ moves.
    This addictive brain-bending game comes with instructions in English, Spanish, German and French.

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  • Wise Alec
  • Words of the Wise
  • Oversight

Griddly Games

Griddly Games Inc has the games to get you going! We have award-winning family board games for kids and adults.
Griddly Headz
are strategy games that have sports themes in baseball, hockey,
and NASCAR racing. Wise Alec trivia game is teacher-approved and based on
grade school curricula. Now you can take Wise Alec on the road with three new travel sets: Wise Alec: Civilize This!,
Wise Alec: Nature Nuts, and Wise Alec: Sports Buffs!
Chronicles of the Mind is the storytelling icebreaking party game. And
Words of the Wise is the mind-bending brainteaser game that turns your ABCs on its head!


"I love, absolutely love, the way the game scales for different ages. It's especially cool how it can accomodate two different levels of play/players at the same time!" ~ BoardGameGeek Reviewer

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