Words of the Wise

Ages 10+     1 player or more     Brainteaser, Party Game

Socially Stimulating, Brain Bending, and Mind Provoking!

Do your ABC’s like you’ve never done before! Turn your ABC’s into a hilarious and challenging game.
Pick up a category card from the deck and think fast to find the words to match–alphabetically!

A, B, C might be easy,- see if you can get to X, Y, Z!

There are multiple ways to play. Try it on your own, go head to head, or compete in teams. Pick the one that best suits your group.

Do Your ABC’s Like Never Before!

Words of the Wise is the mind-bending brainteaser game that will turn your ABC’s on its head!
This socially stimulating game is easy to learn
and quickly gets players engaged and excited!


  • 101 Category Cards
  • 24 Wise Alec Cards
  • Instructions in English, French, German and Spanish

Download the Rules HERE.